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Sleep Fresh Pillow Sleep Fresh Pillow
-34 %
Brand: Mora
Technical Pillow SLEEP FRESHA combination of the Sleep Fresh pillow protector and ahigh-quality viscoelastic core makes for an effective temperaturecontrol pillow (top of the range) for unbeatablefreshness and comfort and incredible quality sleep.A fabric manufactured with an innovative weaving syst..
AED295.00 AED450.00
Sleep Revitalize Pillow Sleep Revitalize Pillow
-31 %
Brand: Mora
Technical Pillow SLEEP REVITALIZEThis fabric is manufactured using the same smart weave techniquethat Lurbel applies to its second-generation high-performancegarments. This technology uses a combination of twothread types, one with added mineral particles and the otherwith bamboo charcoal particlesC..
AED295.00 AED425.00
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