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Brand: Mora
MORA Estella PillowWith its hollow fibre filling this pillow moulds perfectlyto your head and neck, providing relief to the neckand shoulder muscles, uniformly adapting to yoursleeping positionComposition:Pillow with double coverFilling: 100% Polyester Hollow Fibre PelletsInner Cover: 100% Polyester..
Mora Harmony pillow Mora Harmony pillow
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Brand: Mora
Made in SpainPillow with filled anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and dust-mite-proof hollow fibers that offer firm support to the neckand cervical spine. Total protection from pathogens. The100% cotton cover with antibacterial treatment protectsthe pillow from dust mites, bacteria and fungus for a longer..
Brand: Mora
Technical Pillow SLEEP FRESHA combination of the Sleep Fresh pillow protector and ahigh-quality viscoelastic core makes for an effective temperaturecontrol pillow (top of the range) for unbeatablefreshness and comfort and incredible quality sleep.A fabric manufactured with an innovative weaving syst..
Mora Sleep Revitalize Pillow Mora Sleep Revitalize Pillow
Brand: Mora
Technical Pillow SLEEP REVITALIZEThis fabric is manufactured using the same smart weave techniquethat Lurbel applies to its second-generation high-performancegarments. This technology uses a combination of twothread types, one with added mineral particles and the otherwith bamboo charcoal particlesC..
Brand: Mora
Vicos Fresh Gel Pillow“The VISCO GEL pillow, offers a unique fresh feeling, due to its gel film.” “The film gel and the memory foam adapting each other to the neckand head“s user, reducing the pressure in these areas.”“The film gel presents a special surface, producing a soft massage in the neck are..
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